Sunday, March 27, 2011

Beautiful Sunday

Today was a beautiful day for Bunnies!! The last of Bunny Shoot! It was a lil hot and lil mosquitoey lol but what made it so beautiful is all the cutie pie kids!! I think today was the BEST Bunny Shoot day I've EVER had!! There were no major Bunny Meltdowns lol. I feel like every child loved the Bunnies!! It was a good day! AND no rain!! yay

Thanks to everyone who came both weekends!! I will post Bunny Shoot pics on FB by April 7th and the blog around then too :D

This coming up week on the blog............ SENIOR WEEK!!! YAY lots of Beautiful seniors to show off!

Blogging EVERYDAY in 2011,if you catch me skipping a day win a
$500 Gift Certificate!!

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