Saturday, February 19, 2011

Bows, headpieces, & headbands oh my!

So I'm cleaning my studio and organizing, so I figured while I was at it I'll show some things i get asked about alot.

Almost every new email about a girl says..... "Are all those cute headpieces yours??"

Why YES they are! lol

Now you are encouraged to bring whatever you have too! But I do have alot and my stash is always growing. I can't get enough hahah

So this is my headpiece section of the room! And I just added a ton of bows and have some more stuff coming...(always lol)


And these are all the headbands to stick those cute things on...

I double dog dare you to name a color I don't have hahahaha.....

Now that I look at this, I realize just how obnoxious my headpiece stash is getting! hahah

BTW alot of these headbands were part of my etsy spree last week :D



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