Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!!!!!

WOW!!! 2010 was amazing!! I can only imagine how wonderful 2011 will be!

I don't think I could thank my customers enough for ya'lls support!
Thank ya'll for letting me watch your kids grow up and allowing me to capture the milestones in their lives! It always means so much to me! More than I probably let on lol. But it truly means the world to me. And I am very thankful that ya'll send ya'lls friends to me also! I love that I've met so many wonderful people through this and made some great friendships! Thank ya'll Thank ya'll Thank ya'll!!!

Bring on 2011!! Can't wait!

So I've made some New Year's resolutions.... and one is to blog EVERYDAY!!!! Wait did ya'll just hear me right? Um YEP! EVERYDAY! lol. Sometimes I have alot going on and feel like the blog isn't my top priority, cause I would rather get people their actual prints. And alot just get put on Facebook. But I do enjoy blogging, and let's face it, ya'lls pics are way too cute not to be on here.

So I'll be catching up on some old ones, and have lots of new things coming. All old probably wont get caught up on, cause most are on FB, and I'd be posting Christmas pics until summer lol! But I will be posting lots more sessions, of course specials, maybe some more about me, and now that I have Mr. Big I'm sure ya'll will be seeing alot of him! lol I know ya'll can't wait to hear me blah blah for 365 days!! hahhaha

So to keep me in line.... if anybody catches me skip a day you can win $500 Gift Certificate! The first person to call me will win a $500 Jamie LeJeune Photography Gift Certificate! It could take 6 months, it could be tomorrow hahah! But if you catch me, call me and you'll get a gift certificate.


Oh and keep in mind I'm a night owl, so most will prob get posted pretty late.... lol

If you don't know how to follow blogs here's a lil tutorial about feeds

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