Thursday, January 6, 2011

All it takes is 1

I posted this pic yesterday on FB. It's one of my new favorites! I have several new ones lol.

Eliza's mommy is the one who makes most of the headpieces I use. So sometimes when she comes over to drop off new stuff, I'll take her pic! Sometimes she's not ready to participate, good thing it only takes ONE good pic!! I only took 4 pics this day and this beautiful pic came out of that!

Baby Eliza Boutique


This day I only took about 3 pics.


moral of this blog...
All it takes is ONE great pic! hahah
(even though during normal session you will get plenty, unless your child is just not having it) hahha

moral 2 - your kiddo doesn't have to be super smiley happy for super cute pics! Cause by now you should know I LOVE lil serious pics!

BTW~ Eliza does smile, and I have pics to prove it! lol She has the cutest lil dimples!

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