Wednesday, March 25, 2009


So I just wanted to Thank you to everyone who came to Bunny Shoot Oh Nine! I thought it was alot of and everything went super smooth! hopefully everyone had fun! I went through most of the pictures and they are so sweet and some are hilarious! haha
I will have the pictures ready before Easter!
I will be out of town until Monday. So if you leave a message or email, I will get back to you as soon as I get back.

birthday princess

The Newlyweds

Beautiful Mrs Brittany. A few from the actual wedding day!

Lil Baby Gavin

Friday, March 20, 2009

Bunny Shoot Oh Nine!

Friday will be the last day I will set appointments for the Bunny Shoot this weekend. I do have a few spots open for Sunday afternoon.

I THINK I returned everyone's calls and emails. So if you got missed, please call me.

I also sent the email with the directions, so if you have an appointment and didn't receive it please call.

I'm excited and look forward to this weekend! YAY

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patricks Day

Hope you wore green today!! Here's a few quick pics from a recent session and her Birthday is on St. Patrick's day, so I thought it would be fun to share today! So here's my something green!

And of course something Pink! lol

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Guess What...

Yes Yes Yes its THAT time of year again..... BUNNY TIME.

Bunny Shoot oh nine!

Easter Photography Special with live bunnies

So here's the DEAL...

Get your child's cutesy clothes out so they can take their pic with the bunnies!

The live bunny session will be Saturday March 21st. Only if Saturday fills up will I extend it to Sunday March 22nd.

Here's the general set up this year. You should get a variety of sweet and funny pictures lol.

The package is $75 and includes an altered photo tile, 1 8x10, 2 5x7s, 3 4x6s & 8 Wallets. Which is a deal cause all that is normally more than $75. The sitting fee is included for one child. $10 each additional person in package. Package includes one pose, additional prints can be ordered at a la carte prices. Prints will be ready before Easter.

The mini sessions will be about 15 minutes. This usually works out pretty good for the kids, there's not alot of fussing and changing clothes and walking around, just some fun with the bunnies. You will select your photos right after your shoot.

Call for your appointment 939-2062 or email @ This will be the only weekend I will have the bunnies so make your appointment cause there are limited spots available.

It was a ton of fun last year, so hopefully we'll see ya there!

And I will also be pushing this post to the top for a few more days, So check for new posts under.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

my new project......

Starting soon I will begin renovations on my new house!! YAY
It definitely needs alot of work, but has alot of potential. I will also have more room in this house for the studio and will have an outside studio, most portraits will be done here once it's done.
So here's the good part of this post...
If anyone is interested in working for pictures here's your chance lol
If you or your hubby have a speciality, I would love to know. If you don't have a special thing you do, there are lots of things I could still put you to work on. Especially if you have a particularly handy hubby! A few repairs already have people lined up, but here are a few things that need to be done.
  • Roof Repairs
  • Ceiling Repairs
  • Painting
  • Floors
  • Cleaning
  • cleaning cabinets / bathrooms
  • Cleaning windows
  • general carpentry
  • building shelves in closets
  • Yard Work
  • landscaping
  • Pressure Washing

There are tons of smaller things not listed and some bigger things. There's tree limbs on the roof, a small junk pile in the yard, I want the concrete stained and sealed in the sunroom, almost every door needs to be adjusted and needs knobs put on, blah blah blah.

I will also need lots of supplies and would like to support anyone who supports me. So if you supply anything, please let me know. Some things I will need include flooring, light fixtures, appliances, granite countertops, landscaping. and obviously normal supplies like plywood, paint, etc etc etc.

If you 'shine' in a certain area that is not listed please let me know, cause I promise there is NOTHING that this house doesn't need!

I know it sounds like a dump lol, but it'll be stinking cute once it's done!

This could be a great opportunity to get a credit for a session and prints or a few sessions with prints or even up to a wedding, depending on what you can do!! :) I will try to make it worth it! I fully realize that some repairs are too big and cannot be paid with pictures, lol but hey a girl can dream. Be prepared that this will not be the cleanest job lol.

If you are interested, you can call me @ 939-2062 or email me @

Have Fun is written on the funny! THE Tree. It's HUGE & everyone who has been there has commented on the tree first lol.

I have lots of plans for the yard, for an outdoor studio. I'm thinking about a water feature that I saw in a magazine today, with a bridge. So that could be another job too. Also if there are any cool ideas you'd like to see in the outdoor studio, I'd love to hear them.

FYI- I will be pushing this post to the top for a few weeks, so if you keep seeing this keep scrolling cause there might be new stuff under it! lol. I have lots of things to post, I'm just still trying to catch up with everything.


~ Jamie~

Miss Brooklyn's Senior Pics

With her doggy Elvis, he was a lil nervous to have his picture taken, but they were so cute!

Miss Jordyn is turning 2

Miss Jordyn is having a Minnie Mouse Party!! Her Birthday Invites
FrontInside... I blurred out the info so nobody crashes her party hahaBack
Aww loving on her Minnie