Thursday, February 17, 2011


So most know it doesn't take alot to get me sidetracked lol!

I went to my daddy's shop today to pick up an old chandelier to paint for pics...

While I was there I kinda went shopping, lol. (btw when I say my daddy's shop, it's a welding shop, but they keep extra stuff they've collected there). We loaded up his truck with all kinda finds for pictures. We then went back for more, and we still have one more big thing to pick up!

I then went to 3 stores finding the perfect paint to paint all this junk!

I just noticed a few colors got left out :(

He said, "well that should keep you busy for a few days"

WRONG~ it's 90% DONE! lol I can't wait till daylight to set it up! lol

blah blah blah.....

So the point is I'm gonna have this fabulous funky color explosion area outside for some really fun pics!!

I Shall call this...


and it shall be fun!


ok not the end...........

Junk is FUN & I LOVE me some Junk!

here's some things I'm always looking for just in case you find yourself throwing these items away... DON'T!! Just bring them my way! hehe
~ old chandelier type light fixtures
~ doors
~ most any type chair (except plastic or office chairs lol) I can make chairs fabulous!

and BTW ~ I can't even remember what color I wanted the original chandelier hahahaha. I'm sure it'll hit me tomorrow

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