Sunday, October 18, 2009

Using Jamie LeJeune Photography photos on the web

I get lots of questions on if you can use the photos from your session on your personal social sites... Facebook, Myspace, etc.

And the answer is...........YES!!!! I encourage everyone to use them!

However you MAY NOT....
~ crop my name off them
~ re-edit them
~ scan them,
~ take a picture of them, etc.

I take alot of time to to get pics ready JUST for the web, so you can show them off! But when I see them in a different version of what I have done... it makes me cringe. So please do not alter what I have done! I especially don't like seeing a photo of mine WITH my name on it... that has been altered, because it does not represent my work the way I intended it to be.

I make it fairly easy for you to share them with your friends... all you have to do is right click them to save them. Then share the joy with your friends & family! :)

I try to post a pic from every session on Facebook or on the Blog! Please feel free to use them, but the exact way that they are posted. :)

Also please do not link from my photobucket in case I move the pics because your link will be broken.


This is how most are set up for the web right now...

And I do not want to have to do this to them hahaha


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