Friday, August 28, 2009

Special Coming....

There's a special in the works.

Any Guesses????? hahahaha

Fancy Purple & Gold things are being gathered! The set is getting built. I have purchased some fabulous things, so all that I need is you and your kiddos. Everything is in "THE WORKS" right now. I haven't decided on the date, the name and some other details, but I promise it will be fabulous!
This will be special price, set up for a certain weekend. And the great thing about this is it'll be great for kids, babies, families, teens, or women wanting to give their favorite tailgater a lil treat. Perfect for ALL ages, cause let's face it.... we ALL love our team!!
Annnddddd..... you could also do LSU Christmas cards this year!

So look out for news on this. And if you would like to receive first notification make sure I have your email address. Email me @

I will have some frilly girly LSU things. Tutus, Petticoats, & flower headbands... my usual stuff lol just in purple & gold now! So if you have questions about what might be available to use please feel free to ask. And as soon as everything is gathered and set I'll will let everyone know!

Thanks ~ Jamie

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Princess Prissy Pants

Miss Haylen's water shots!



She's a rockstar!!