Thursday, April 23, 2009

Emails, Messages, & Texts oh my

So I get in my email account, and the last 2 weeks of emails have disappeared. I know of 2 that I haven't responded to yet, and now can't. Hopefully Hotmail's support team can recover them. But until then if you haven't heard back from me... {by email, voicemail, whatever}, please call me back. Also Sometimes I get sidetracked very easy... okay ALL the time I get sidetracked very easily. And I sometimes wait till to call people back, but I do always call people back. So if for some reason you don't get a call back from me, it may be that I don't have your number. So ya'll call me back too! AND if you send me a text... let me know who you are hahahah, cause I rarely save numbers in my phone and it usually confuses me...hahaha
Thanks ~ Jamie

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Double Trouble

Okay okay they REALLY weren't trouble, but its a funny title. They did however take turns crying, its ok though cause I still got some cutie pie pics! I can't wait till they can run around and then I have to chase them both hahaha.

Taylor {Senior Style}

We had alot of fun downtown for Taylor's Senior pics! I have known Taylor's mom for years and remember him being alot younger and ALOT shorter hahah
AND Taylor said the funniest thing I've heard this year... I asked him if he had a girlfriend and he said "NO I have money" bwahahaha at least he knows how expensive women can be! I loved it! So here's a few of his pics, a composite of his mom's favs and of course mine. Which btw I always put MY favs on the cover.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Pretty in Pink....

Pretty in Pink.... and in green! This sweet child's mommy drove a few hours to come see me and have her pictures made. I'm so glad she did cause she was a sweetie.happy happyHer 10x20 Storyboard is tutu cute lol lil miss and her wish flower This one is one of my favs

Happy Baby

What a happy lil baby! He was so stinking cute!


Hope everyone had a GREAT Easter! My Easter is always filled with tons of children, tons of eggs and tons of fun!! I have a fairly big family, so we tend to have a pretty fun egg hunt! We hide hundreds and hundreds of eggs, the kids always have a good time!This year as part of the hunt, my uncle bought some chicks for the kids to catch. lol They all loved it!Especially Emma! She's giving her chick chick some loving! awwMe & Emma, which is about the only time I'll tell a kid to give the camera a mean look. hahahh This is actually a watered down version of her mean face. LOLIn all of that huge Bunny Blog post I forgot to share ALLLL the tiles I made. Half way through I was thinking to myself why did I say I'd make all these tiles hahah but I'm glad I did cause I think they came out great! And everyone seemed to enjoy them! They are one of my favorite things.
I also forgot lil Miss Reese in the Bunny Blog post. Poor Neglected Reesie Piecee. She was sweet with the lil bunnies and let them love her! Having a conversation with her bunny friends!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Bunny Blog

Recap of Bunny Shoot Oh Nine.

First of all I would like to Thank everyone again! It really IS my favorite shoot of the year. I love to see the kids soooo excited about the bunnies and they are so hilarious with them! I also love to see all the kids dressed up, I love lil ties and pearls and matchey matchey clothes's all sooo cute to me! Love it!

So this year we had lots of Bunny veterans and alot of new faces, which I love to see. I also love to see it when Daddies come, and I had alot of them! I usually never meet Daddies unless we are doing family pics, so its a treat!

Keep your eyes peeled through out the pics at the Bunnies, some may be by the ears or in a choke hold, but keep in mind No Bunnies were injured during Bunny Shoot Oh Nine! I think these are definitely the funnest pics I take and I laugh so much while shooting. LOL But the kids just want to love on them! Little girls between 1 & 2 are the funniest with them cause they treat them like babydolls.
About the bunnies... the brown bunny was a bit crazy so he's not in alot of pics. The White bunny was the babydoll of the day and when you look through the pics please know he was okay! LOL the grey bunny just there, nothing fabulous bout him. ha


Kiss the Bunny <-- me
Love your Bunny <-- me
Hug your Bunny <-- me
Soft Soft <-- momas
No don't throw the Bunny <-- momas
The Bunny pooed on me! <-- kids
Is the White Bunny dead?? <--umm everyone
Moma can we get a Bunny?? <-- kids
umm No! <--Momas
PLEASSEE <--kids again
Aww... that's ME giving Bunny Love! Gotta start this post out right! LOLMy wonderful assistant for Bunny Shoot Oh Nine! Emily who is also my wonderful cousin! I think she has alot of fun at Bunny Shoot and she loves to see the kids! She's March's employee of the month. I usually get that honor, but i'll give it to her this time! lol Miss Taylor... sunblocker extraordinaire!
Here's some behind the scene action! The bench and shooting area, my palette for me to kneel on, baskets for babies, the bunny cage, Taylor & my nephew who helped a lil, and of course my sweet tea! At some points of the day I also had my Starbucks drinks from some of my wonderful peps who know what I like! Thanks wink wink
BTW- for those of you who weren't there.... this is my new yard! It's gonna be FAB when it's done!What Up?he loved the bunnies Some Bunny Love
Attack of the Bunnies on the baby!
Bunny Love
Sisterly Love
Tight Bunny Love lol She's not even worried about her sister, she just wants to hold as many bunnies as she can! hahah
Okay this is hilarious to me and when you scroll down you'll understand WHY... This is last years pic! hahahahah Some things never changed lol
Miss Priss came all the way from Eunice to visit me and the bunnies!
You still up? lol doubt it
Aww look at this angel! And right before hahahh
Get back here bunny!This lil one has grown a bunch since last year! She walked up and I didn't even recognize her! She was a wild one last year with the bunnies hahah
The bunny in this cracks me up! Bunny Love
This is one of my favs... I love how the bunny is looking at me and she's got him good, its sweet and funny at the same time!
Lil Miss Kailynn, she knows the drill!
My Maci. I bought Maci a digital kids camera for Christmas and she was playing in the back seat a few days after the bunny shoot saying ..." Mommy Kiss your bunny, love your bunny, hug your bunny" while she was taking Jana's pics! Jana asked her if she was trying to be like Aunt Jamie, she said YES! She also asked her what the mouse ate.... "CHEESE" cause I use a mouse pez dispenser for her to give her a treat and to make her say cheese. And I can promise you if that mouse isn't on my camera she asks about it!
Bunny by the ears!
Where's his bunny at? Lol
This one cracks me up!
Sharing some Bunny Love with his brother... aww
awwww sweetness....
and right before.... He really loved the bunnies and wanted to love on them.
Miss Prissy pants looks very innocent right here...but wait.
Love these smiles and some smoochesThis child is stunning
One of the funniest things all day was from this one... She asked to hold the brown bunny and I told her it was rambunktous, then about 30 mins later I heard her telling another lil girl..." that brown bunny is rambunktous" I almost cried laughing! Then I asked her about it and she said "well you told me that bunny was crazy!" I shocked that she remembered that word and that she knew the meaning! She's so stinking cute with her accent it made it so much funnier!
1st Easter 10x10 collage

So I am almost positive that I got in touch with everyone with the plans for Thursday, but if not call me.

Thanks to everyone!