Thursday, December 25, 2008


From ME and all my Family, I want to wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas!!
Hope Santa brings you all you want and that your day is glorious! And hopefully no one gets switches and coal!Our Funny Pic- Half are laughing & half are ticked LOL
This was interesting to take cause the kids were not happy!
We look like fools but everyone loved their Christmas Card!
I still can't stop laughing from it!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Filled with Love & Laughter...

Major weather happens when me & this one try to schedule an appointment! LOL
Our first session went fine when Miss Bennett was a newborn. After, we tried to schedule another session and the hurricane came, then we had another and it snowed! I was wondering if we'd ever get it done, but we finally did and ended up with some pretty pics!
Here are their 5x5 Trifold Cards
Inside FlapI normally show this in three sections, but this is the inside spread with the one picture and a message. backMiss Bennett

Santa is coming tomorrow

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Wild Christmas...

5x5 Trifold Card
Inside FoldInside Left
Inside RightBack

Almost Christmas...

Miss Jocelyn is a year old now... I took her pictures when she was a teeny tiny baby. And now she is walking around, dancing and in to everything! I definitely got a work out chasing her around!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Once upon a time..........

Miss Rachel was a lil treat! She brought her beautiful Victorian dresses and her petticoat. And we got some great pictures of her! They all look like a fairytale to me. After I put them on the website I talked to her on the phone and she told me how much she loved them, which was a treat cause the kids never tell me they like their pics, mainly cause most of them are too little to talk! ha ha
Her mommy likes the vintage look, so I made this 5x5 Flat Christmas Card for them and once we decided on the pic, I thought it would be cute with the 'Visions of Sugar Plums' saying, which fit perfectly!

My other sister...

This is my other sister and her family. We did a mini session for cards. You may have seen Brianna from other posts and alot of stuff on the website, she likes to take pictures, alot times she asks me. Devin on the other hand, I pretty much have to wrestle to get him so participate! haha
This is their Cards 5x5 Flat


Sunday, December 21, 2008

Miss Camryn

Miss Camryn is 3 months old... and was alot happier this time than our first session!

And this one of my new favorite pictures! I love her lil look!

Miss Kailynn

Miss Kailynn is a New Years Baby! So we did her Birthday Pictures and Christmas at one time!
Here is her Custom Birthday Party invites! 4x5.5 Folded Cards
FrontInside Spread Folded down the middle

By the time we changed into her Christmas dress Miss Kailynn wasn't excited about taking pictures anymore! Her mommy bribed her with a new baby doll and she quickly turned on the smile! I have never seen such an instant smile. It was hilarious and I probably missed several pictures from laughing so hard!

Their 4x8 Christmas Card

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Be Wild. Be Merry.

Thursday, December 11, 2008


What a wonderful way to wake up this morning! Both my sisters started calling me around 5 am! They were freaking out cause it was snowing so I peaked out my window but didn't see anything so I went back to bed. After a lil while, my sister called back for me to talk to Emma. I was thinking the whole time ...'why are they up, cause I didn't see snow?' So I went to my window again to see if maybe that was what all the hype was about..... and found myself amazed! WOW. What a wonderful morning. I have never seen snow here like this. I took lots of pics this morning thinking it would melt in a few hours, but its still here and still covering the ground! I love it!! I only wish I would've had someone here to peg with a snowball! LOL
Hope everyone has a great sneaux day!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Silhouettes are my new favorite shot! Baby Kanon is not very old and this is already his 2nd shoot with me, this time I got to meet the whole family!Their 4x8 Christmas Card

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

My 100th Post

Lil milestone! My 100th Post!! WORD!
This is a picture I took on Thanksgiving of my cousins. This is a Christmas Gift for my Aunt of all her Grandchildren.

This is what it looks like with straight out of the camera. Which I rarely show a picture on the web unedited. but this way you can see some what see the process. I edited my Aunt's pic with the brownish color to match her rustic decor. I'm always laying around on the job! Most people get a kick out of me spending so much time on the ground! hahahThis is a picture my sister took.... which shows the difference.